Give Up Robot

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give_up_robotGive up Robot is a unique great flash game, with great features, background music- everything is great about it! The game was developed by Matt Thorson and it`s hosted by Adult Swims’ house. Want to learn more about the game?
How to Play Give Up Robot
To play this game, you’ve to control a uni-cycling robot (it has a grappling hook with a stoic tenacity) which is to traverse some really complex gauntlets at the command of a fractured, yet highly vocal, computer overseer.

You can also play the second version of the game at our website.
Play Give Up Robot 2 Right Now.

Give Up Robot Controls
Use the arrow keys for moving
Use X, S or Up keys for jumping
Press and hold A or Z keys to fire the grappling hook
Release A or Z to release your hook
Use Up/Down arrows to tighten/loosen the line of the hook when using it
Use Left/Right arrows to rock back or forth respectively

With the above controls, accomplishing the main task in each level of Give Up Robot (moving from left to right becomes much easier.Enjoy! Also keep in mind that you can play your favorite game at 24/7

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